Polyamory And NonMonogamous Dating Books To Read Now

Looking to explore the world of open relationships and nonmonogamous dating? Dive into these must-read books that offer insights, advice, and personal experiences that will challenge and expand your understanding of love and relationships. Whether you're curious about polyamory, ethical nonmonogamy, or simply want to learn more, these books will open your mind and heart to new possibilities. Check out our top picks here and start your journey toward a more fulfilling and authentic love life.

In recent years, there has been a growing shift in the way people approach relationships and dating. Many individuals are exploring alternative relationship structures such as polyamory and non-monogamy, and seeking resources to better understand and navigate these dynamics. If you are someone who is interested in learning more about polyamory and non-monogamous dating, there are several insightful books that can provide valuable guidance and perspective.

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Understanding Polyamory

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Polyamory is the practice of engaging in multiple romantic and/or sexual relationships with the consent of all parties involved. It is based on the belief that love and intimacy are not finite resources and that individuals can have meaningful connections with multiple partners. If you are curious about polyamory and want to gain a deeper understanding of its principles and practices, there are several books that can serve as excellent resources.

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"The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures" by Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton is a classic in the world of polyamory literature. This book offers practical advice on navigating the complexities of open relationships and provides valuable insights into communication, boundaries, and ethical non-monogamy.

"More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory" by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert is another essential read for anyone interested in polyamory. This book delves into the dynamics of polyamorous relationships, addressing topics such as jealousy, communication, and relationship ethics.

Navigating Non-Monogamous Dating

Non-monogamous dating encompasses a wide range of relationship structures, including open relationships, swinging, and relationship anarchy. If you are exploring non-monogamy and seeking guidance on how to navigate this territory, there are several books that offer valuable insights and practical advice.

"Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships" by Tristan Taormino is a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in non-monogamous dating. This book covers a variety of non-monogamous relationship styles and provides guidance on communication, boundaries, and navigating the challenges that can arise in open relationships.

"Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy" by Jessica Fern is a groundbreaking book that explores the intersection of attachment theory, trauma, and non-monogamous relationships. This book offers a unique perspective on how individuals can navigate non-monogamy while addressing their attachment needs and healing from past trauma.

Finding Community and Support

In addition to reading books on polyamory and non-monogamous dating, it can be beneficial to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who can provide support and guidance. There are many online forums, social groups, and meetups dedicated to polyamory and non-monogamous dating where individuals can connect with others who share similar relationship values and experiences.


As society continues to evolve and expand its understanding of relationships, it is essential to have access to resources that can provide guidance and support for individuals exploring alternative relationship structures such as polyamory and non-monogamy. Whether you are new to these concepts or have been practicing them for years, the books mentioned in this article can offer valuable insights and perspectives to help you navigate the complexities of non-traditional relationships. By educating yourself and connecting with supportive communities, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth in your non-monogamous dating experiences.